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3WQF ZP 10 (10L)

One of our main products is the 3WQF Free Eagle ZP 10 electric drone, which has a long lifespan, high efficiency, ease of operation, convenience, and ease of maintenance, good anti-collision performance, high performance, and has gained the favor of all types of client needs.A modern flight control system that enhances the drone’s performanceThe ZP 10 drone has a powerful “core,” thanks to its 4 core CPU with exceptional performance.
With a triple-redundant IMU and a double-redundant barometer, the drone can still function in the event of a hardware failure.

Even as the frame ages, it will continue to function steadily and save money on maintenance thanks to its dual shock absorber structure with improved seismic protection.

The ZP 10 drone is equipped with millimeter wave radar that has high sensitivity and long detection distance, it can identify obstacles beyond 20 meters, which provides the safe and reliable flight. This radar can identify objects beyond 20 meters.

Also, we equip the drone with FPV camera, you can see the situation around it clearly, that also assures flight safety.

Additional informations

Loading Weight



1370mm x 1370mm x 640mm

Tank Volume


Endurance Time




Spray Flow


Spray Height


Spray Width


Spraying Efficiency


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